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5 Wedding Dresses Ideas for Fat Girls

If you do not know which wedding dress is best for you if you are overweight? Here I show you 5 ideas of wedding dresses that look great on obese women.

If you need a wedding dress and you lack ideas or you want to be inspired, you have come to the right place! After reading a lot on the web, I choose the best wedding dress ideas for rich women.

These outfits combine style and comfort, so that on this most important day you look bright, but at the same time, you feel comfortable and you can easily walk.


A straight neckline strapless neckline, also known as the “honorable neckline name,” is a good choice if you ‘look to look skinny in a modern way.

Its minimalist look is perfect for those women who want to mix classic and contemporary in their wedding dress: it offers a traditional and elegant look for those who want to understand and luxury.

It is described as a straight neckline, a horizontal line, where the shoulders and arms go up in the air.

The strapless neckline is suitable for women with a very small or very small chest, this type of dress usually wears a silhouette and creates a visible effect emphasizing the waist given the horizontal cut below the chest.


The sweetheart neckline is ideal for obese women with large breasts. This style is very beneficial for this body part, because it enhances it and provides a harmonious and beautiful way to make everything look in its place.


Also called a princess style, A-skirt, or Empire cut is characterized by its cut under the chest, so it gives a sense of length and a long lasting effect.

It is a wide skirt, with a large volume and planes that hide the scales and provide comfort. It is an old-fashioned cut that will make you feel more relaxed and beautiful.

If your body is an hourglass or a pear-shaped body, this is the perfect outfit for your body type, that is, for those hip and thighs that are perfect.

The top of the top part is your taste and terms. You can choose between a sleeveless, long sleeve, short sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, lace material, tulle, or silk. Whatever you choose!

Ideally, it is recommended that it be slightly tighter to create the shape of your silhouette.


For you, sequins and glitters have never been more so?

Dresses with rhinestones, crystals, sparkles, sequins, or applications are the latest style of wedding dresses. Stones or applications give a soft and realistic touch to a wedding dress.


There are resources you can turn your wedding dress into a real model!

And this is the perfect idea to wear a calm and modest wedding dress. If you describe yourself as a beautiful and confident bride, a dress with a cut on the leg is perfect for you.