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The standard EOS R3 boasts an incredibly fast-paced explosion mode at the Olympics

A photographer at the Tokyo Olympics provided the main public demo of the Canon EOS R3 rapid fire mode.

The EOS R3, which will be the Canon’s leading mirror game camera, has not yet been fully reported. However, a few lucky athletes at the Olympics were testing their skills, and one of them was Atiba Jefferson.

We recently saw an independent shooter, which seems to reveal that the EOS R3 will be a 24MP camera, but the new ones below show a sequence of what looks like a 30fps camera shooting mode.

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Standard delivery date for EOS R3, amount, highlights and reports

EOS R3’s 30fps fixed shooting is accompanied by full automatic adjustment and automatic aperture and is one of the outstanding camera features, connectivity and high speed Sony A1.

While the planning is certainly noteworthy, it does not indicate which barriers will be included in the EOS R3 explosive rate, according to the documentation types, which focus areas are appropriate to hit those high speeds, and if possible a potential yield. about.